Undoubtedly, something is happening in what is known as the white city or city of light. A seismic gastronomic movement is shaking the capital of Portugal with the opening of new restaurants and taverns that, in addition to recovering classic recipes and ingredients such as tuna sangacho or canned sardines, are committed to unusual dishes. Ready to pack your bags and visit Lisbon?

Best restaurants in Lisbon

1. A Taberna da Rua das Flores

a taverna da rua das flores

In the middle of Rua das Flores, you will find a modest haberdashery. If you’re curious, look inside. You will not see threads, needles, buttons, or anything to mend. What you will have before you is a small tavern with wooden stools and tables, showcases anchored in time and mini blackboards with the delicacies of the day. In the area that was the back room, the bar and the kitchen are now located. From there, its chef André Magalhães tries to recover popular products and dishes that are on the verge of disappearing. Examples? The flaked cod with chickpea salad, the home-dried hake roe, and the tuna sangacho that the port workers used to eat (a can of tuna mixed with raw onion and spread on slices). Go early because getting a table is almost an impossible mission.

2. Can the Can

can the can

A gigantic chandelier hanging from the ceiling and made from more than three thousand tin cans gives you a hint of what awaits you at the table. Here traditional preserves are elevated to the status of canned gourmet object of desire with surprising recipes. The best? During lunchtime, you will be accompanied by the strumming of the Portuguese guitar and, at night, the notes of a live fado.

3. The Decadente

the decadente

Between the famous Gloria funicular and the Mirador de San Pedro de Alcantara, is The Independente Hostel & Suites, a design hostel that hides The Decadente restaurant inside. You’ll want to ask for everything. Only three hits to whet your appetite: the Algarve prawns with chicken skin and nori seaweed, the candied hake or the beef tartare with egg yolk and flowers.

4. Alma restaurant


Telling that Alma has two Michellin stars already lets you everything. One of the best restaurants in the Portuguese capital, chef Henrique Sa Pessoa serves signature cuisine in an informal way in a sophisticated environment, which he himself defines as “a kitchen of taste: refined taste, perfect technique and excellent product”. His letter, as you can imagine, is a real spectacle. We stay with everything, but you have to know that they offer two menus, Costa a Costa and Alma (both priced at 180 euros), which are very worth it.

5. Cantinho do Avillez

cantinho do avillez

When he is not wearing his apron and experimenting in the kitchen, chef Jose Avillez surrenders to popular cuisine. And as proof, his informal tavern, Cantinho do Avillez. From the time you sit down to the time you get up, it’s a constant festival of petiscos (appetizers). Take note because the enumeration of dishes to order yes or yes begins. You have to try the Prawns with garlic and malagueta chilli, the Thai Chicken with sauteed vegetables and rice or the Tagliatelle.