The concept is simple, do not consume anything of animal origin and respect nature. If you are vegan, vegetarian, or just curious, these are our 5 suggestions for vegan-friendly places to visit in the capital.

1. Legumi sushi vegan

legumi sushi vegan restaurant in lisbon

In this new sushi restaurant in Lisbon there is no place for fish. Prepared by the sushimen Leonardo Lattari and Kelly Oliveira, the sushi in this new space is 100% vegan. Leonardo Lattari works with more than 40 types of vegetables in the preparation of his dishes, and here you can find several types of sushi.

Legumi already has two different stores in the capital, one of them in the recently opened Mercearia Do Abade, which also makes various organic products available to customers, and which, in addition to being a market, is also a cafeteria and restaurant. Until December, dinners were only served on Fridays and Saturdays, but since January the hours have been extended and now there is a lunch service during the week and dinner on Thursdays as well.

2. O Antigo Talho

o antigo talho vegan restaurant in lisbon

Ironically, this new vegan venue used to be a butcher shop, but meat is no longer a here today. Founded by the presenter João Manzarra, this space has two floors, where we can find a store dedicated to the sale of sustainable products (on the ground floor) and a cafeteria and restaurant (on the upper floor).

The conversion of this old business into a restaurant-shop made the premises a space with its own design that invites you to visit. Betting on daily menus, with different desserts every day, as well as weekend brunches, at Antigo Talho everything is organic, sustainable and vegan.

3. In Bocca al Lupo

in bocca al lupo vegan restaurant in lisbon

Despite not being strictly vegan, this Lisbon venue offers different options, from the most vegan to vegetarian, including organic products and even gluten-free. The concept of this pizzeria is sustainability and the union between tasty and healthy food.

Here you will find food prepared with the best organic products and fresh ingredients, an excellent selection of Portuguese organic wines, as well as a wide range of coffees and teas from various parts of the world. In addition, care for the environment here extends to cleaning products, which are also ecological, and the use of plastic is controlled.

4. My mother’s daughters

my mothers daughters vegan restaurant in lisbon

The new organic coffee in Lisbon does not deny its name. It is a family establishment, run by a mother and her three daughters. Here the concepts are sustainability, healthy food, recycling and respect for mother nature. There is no place for anything of animal origin.

At My Mother’s Daughters, the products you eat are fresh and organic, and almost everything is recycled, sustainable, and organic. Some of their dishes are even made with leftovers from the day before to promote reuse and reduce waste. With a seasonal offer, the menu will change every three months, offering a wide range of options. At meals, daily, you can accompany your dishes with smoothies, organic teas and natural juices. The hardest part will be choosing!

5. Juicy

juicy vegan restaurant in lisbon

In this establishment everything is made from plants. There is no place for meat and the entire menu is vegan, with the exception of a few vegetarian dishes. At Juicy we highlight the Juicy Flat Bread (whole wheat bread that we can fill to taste) but also healthy salads and bowls, which you can accompany with juices made at the moment, teas or smoothies. The menu is based on vegetables, the ingredients are fresh, organic and from local trade, and the practices are eco-friendly, to reduce the ecological impact.

And since you can also eat with your eyes, the space is decorated with colorful and lively tropical motifs. Here there is also a place for music, and at the end of the afternoon you can listen to DJs playing live, creating a moment of relaxation that can also be washed down with organic alcoholic cocktails.