The Mercado da Ribeira was inaugurated at the end of the 19th century, at that time it was a wholesale market where most of the merchants had stalls selling fruit, fish, meat and all kinds of food products. However, this food market became famous for its flower stalls.

The great competition of the Mercado da Ribeira was the Supply Market of the Lisbon Region, the MARL. This market was consolidated as the main wholesale market, due to its larger facilities and better access. So, the Mercado da Ribeira ensured its survival by becoming a retail market.

Currently, the Mercado da Ribeira has been modernized, becoming a favorite place for lovers of good food. Tartars, sushi, author hamburgers, homemade ice creams and natural fruit juices are just some of the many delicacies that can be tasted in the market stalls.

The perfect place for gourmet restaurants

Following the concept of gourmet markets that have become so fashionable all over the world, in recent years the Ribeira Market has hosted small branches of some of the best restaurants in Lisbon. Several of these restaurants have a Michelin star, such as those run by chefs Alexandre Silva, Marlene Vieira, Vitor Claro, Miguel Castro Silva or Henrique Sa Pessoa. This gives us the opportunity to enjoy great dishes at a very affordable price. The famous Santini ice cream parlor also has a stall in the Mercado da Ribeira, whose ice creams you have to try because they are really delicious.

If you like fish, don’t miss Monte Mar or Sea Me. The first is from the owners of Monte Mar de la Playa de Guincho, one of the best restaurants in the Cascais area. The second, younger, is making a name for itself among the people of Lisbon as one of the main restaurant groups specializing in fish. In addition, in the Mercado da Ribeira we can take home some products to make our own feast, as the Conserveira Nacional, which sells all kinds of cans in one of the most beautiful stalls in the market, or Arcadia, which sells bonbons and chocolates, also they are present there.

A space for everyone

The most beautiful thing about the Mercado da Ribeira is how the concept of consumption of the dishes is organized. The central part has long wooden tables that are shared among all the stalls, making it a great place to go with friends or as a couple and for everyone to enjoy the type of food they prefer without having to change venues.

In addition, in this central space of the market where the tables for eating are arranged, cultural events such as concerts or exhibitions are sometimes organized, making the Mercado da Ribeira a place with a great atmosphere where you can enjoy Lisbon gastronomically speaking.

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