Lisbon is full of interesting places and its gastronomy is spectacular. In this article you will be able to discover which are the best places to eat in Lisbon and what kind of food you can find in them.


Alfama is part of the old town of Lisbon and still preserves old constructions of houses with quite high walls and stone streets. Some of its streets are very starry but beautiful. The people of Lisbon have a very good taste in the decoration of the facades, which is very pleasing to the eye. In this neighborhood you can find many bars and restaurants. The restaurants in this part of the city sell very typical things, especially seafood such as octopus, sardines and cod. Alfama is undoubtedly one of the best places to eat in Lisbon.


If you are in Lisbon, you cannot miss visiting the famous Barrio Belem. It’s this side of Lisbon, life seems to go by slower, it must be because there are many parks, the streets are wider and people only walk around this place. Belem is known worldwide for its small pastel de nata. These desserts were made by the people of the convent, but today they are sold next to the convent in a very old restaurant that is full of diners waiting to try pastel de nata for the first time. In addition, we recommend you take a walk along the boardwalk and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


This Lisbon neighborhood is much busier than the others. Here you will find many fast food restaurants or typical Lisbon street food such as cod balls, which are small balls made of flour and filled with cod and spices. They are delicious and barely cost a couple of euros. Rossio is perfect to get further into Lisbon and to learn about the history of this city.