We will not find street food in Lisbon for a simple reason, it is prohibited, except for markets or gastronomic fairs that may arise somewhere in the city. However, what is most similar to street food that we know, are the small portions of food that are sold in small restaurants or taverns and that are served to take away and eat on the street. In this article we will show you 5 of the most delicious street foods in Lisbon.

Best street food in Lisbon

1. Pasteis de nata

pastries of belem

Pastels de nata or pastels de belem as people know them, are small pastries made from milk and egg yolk. These cakes are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, making them a delight to the palate. You can find this food in any bakery in the city, but also in markets or even as desserts in restaurants.

2. Pasteis de bacalhau

pasteis de bacalhau

These are little balls made of flour and filled with cod fish. They are fried for a long time so they are crispy. The taste of this food is salty and has that delicious fishy taste. Many people often eat them with mayonnaise or a hot sauce, which makes them even more delicious. It is very easy to find cod cakes in almost any bakery in the center of the city of Lisbon.

3. Bifana


The Bifana is a typical Portuguese sandwich that has a pork fillet as its main ingredient. To this is often added a piece of sausage and salad. It can also be served with french frites. This dish is perfect for after the party, since you will feel quite satisfied.

4. Bread with chorizo

bread with chorizo

Unlike what you might imagine, a loaf cut in half and filled with chorizo, this meal is a little different. The bread with chorizo ​​that you can find in Lisbon is a bread made with pieces of chorizo ​​inside the dough and baked that way. This makes all the bread have a lot of chorizo ​​flavor and when you open it you can feel that delicious smell of baked chorizo. Definitely a delight.

5. Prego


The prego is a beef sandwich, this is usually accompanied by fried eggs, cheese and salad. It is a very common dish among the people of Lisbon, especially when they want to eat something fast but big. This is a meal that is normally found in taverns and is of course accompanied by a very cold beer. The prego can also be served with a side of fries if you wish.